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Welcome to FITTECH Boutique!

Few things to do before your first

EMS session

Consultation Form

Thank you for choosing FITTECH Boutique! Please fill up this consultation form.


This will help us better understand your fitness requirements and will ensure a great and safe experience during your EMS training.

All your responses will only be used for internal purposes to serve you better and will never be shared with 3rd parties.  

Who Are We

Section 1. Essential Contact Information

How did yo hear about us?

Section 2. Your Lifestyle and Goals

Which describes you best?
Who is supportive of you achieving yor fitness goals?
How important is achieving these goals to you?Not important at allBarely importantSomewhat importantVery ImprotantExtremely importantHow important is achieving these goals to you?

Section 3. Health Declaration


Section 4. Physical Profile


Section 5. Agreement

I hereby agree that all information provided above is accurate and correct. I am fully aware of the risks and will not hold the brand responsible/ liable nor will I pursue any legal/ personal compensation for any injury, illness or death of any member occurring during or after a session, whether caused by the equipment (faulty or not), incorrect operation or any other occurrence. I accept has the full responsibility to keep the trainer informed of any discomfort or pain, so that precautions can be taken.

Thanks for submitting! Have a great EMS session!

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