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Transform your body
in 20 minutes once a week

Why join EMS Training

  • EMS stands for electro-muscle-stimulation and is the most effective and efficient way of working out. 

  • EMS workout is designed for busy professionals. It allows you to achieve better results than conventional training in only 20 minutes per week.

  • EMS training is safe and non-invasive. All your sessions are with a certified professional trainer. 


​​Build Muscles

Significantly higher increases in Lean Muscle Mass and Strength.


Lose Stubborn Fat

Triple your fat burn due to the afterburn effect and increased muscle mass.


Relieve Back Pain

Reach the stabilizing muscles in the lower back and eliminate chronic pain.

With safe and unpainful impulses, the training allows the contraction of all major muscle groups at the same time.

See EMS in Action

Hear it from our Clients

Screen Shot 2022-06-04 at 9.35.17 AM.png

Find us in S'pore

​Since we first opened our studio back in 2019, we have helped over 1,000 clients to reach their fitness goals. We are now operating in two studios in Singapore:

  • 188-5 Tanjong Katong

  • 23 New Bridge (Clark Quay)

We believe that commitment is one of the most important factors in your body transformation journey. We have crafted our pricing plans to ensure the maximum results yet an affordable experience.  


Our plans start with $199/mo


We are about the sustainable results

The limits of conventional gym training are that once you skip a day and enjoy your weekend, all your weekly progress is gone to waste. 

With EMS training, we focus on sustainable results - your workout is once a week, for 20 minutes only and provides better results to tone your body, build muscles, reduce stubborn fat and eliminate back pain

Join us for an EMS trial for $39 and see for yourself!



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All set!

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