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Gents inquire about:

Building Muscles


Losing Weight

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Ladies inquire about:

Losing Weight

Shape Up

Get beach-ready

See how EMS Training works!


EMS Suit

Safe and very Effective! 

Your Personal Trainer

will guide you on your journey

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91% said they are extremely satisfied with our service

20 minutes

per session once a week

EMS machine from Germany

Latest HighTech in Fitness Industry

4 Reasons to start your EMS today:

It's very effective

One 20 minute session replaces a week worth of traditional gym!

It's personal

We only provide private or semi-private sessions for you and your partner!

It's affordable

We tailored our pricing model to be flexible and convinient

It's the future

If you value your time and efforts, EMS will be the right fit for you

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