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Aiming to lose weight? A better aim is to lose body fat while retaining or increasing lean muscle mass.

Our EMS training can help you with both, reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass with our convenient 20 min workout sessions once a week.

Get the best results for your workout. 
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How EMS helps with fat loss 

Our EMS training helps you burn calories in the following three ways:

  1. Calorie burn during the workout

  2. Afterburn up to 38 hours after the workout

  3. Increased resting metabolic rate in the long term

Calorie burn during the workout
As EMS training trains all major muscle groups at the same time, it burns substantially more energy than other forms of resistance training and even cardio.

Afterburn up to 38 hours after the workout
According to studies, the body keeps a heightened metabolism for up to 38 hours after the workout, leading to additional calorie burn. The scientific name for this process is Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) or, more commonly, Afterburn.

Increased resting metabolic rate in the long term
Muscle tissue is a lot more metabolically active (i.e. requires a lot more energy on a daily basis) than fat tissue. The additional muscle mass from EMS training, therefore, increases the body’s resting metabolic rate, leading to additional calorie burn every hour, even when not exercising.


Other ways EMS training can transform your body




EMS Training is using electric impulses precisely dosed and placed on all major muscle groups to conduct safe, pain-free and optimized contractions, maximizing the training effectiveness.




EMS Training is extremely effective against back pain, by strengthening the muscles in the lower back. It reaches all these stabilizing muscles that are difficult to train through conventional exercises.



EMS training is a highly effective strength training which strongly contributes to longevity and activates sirtuins, the body’s longevity genes responsible for energy production and cell repair.

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