A story of EMS journey

Hi there! Probably you are thinking of starting an EMS workout with FitTech Boutique Singapore and would like to know more how it works, feels and what are the real results for once a week, 20 min training session.

We asked one of our clients to share a step-by-step guide in a form of a journal to share the highlights of week-to-week training.

The background

I am 27 y.o. expat, employed in a full-time office job, hence there is literally no power left in me by the end of the working day. I would like to share my experience with EMS and how it helps to improve my lifestyle. This blog is going to be updated periodically, so make sure to follow FTB account on Instagram to get the updates!

Why I gave it a shot

It is super hard to keep in shape, balance work and social life in addition to a busy schedule (I am pursuing my masters). However, after the lockdown, I felt if I am not going to change my lifestyle now, it might never happen. I started looking up various ways to lose weight and get the summer (winter :D) body. All I could find was really the HIIT offers or regular gyms with shared space classes. While the first I found too expensive and extreme, the conventional gym also did not make my decision easier, as more and more people would turn up at the same time I was planning the workout. Besides, I did not want precisely to become a bodybuilder - my focus is to be healthy, fit and in shape. I did my research and by chance found a very private studio in my area, which claimed to offer a new approach to the workout, using a German technology called EMS. Exploring further, I realised that this training ticks all my boxes:

  1. Time-efficient

  2. Affordable and Accessible

  3. While regular, does not ruin my schedule

  4. Private setting - a MUST after 2020's surprises

Where did I start

My first step to EMS journey was the day when I realised that it is NOT okay to be obese and overweight. A burger here, a pint of beer there - all life "pleasures" have a huge cost: from the looks (stomach, sides, legs, face - every single body part), to the overall physical condition (problems with sleep, back pain, meh-mood). During my first visit, the trainer took measurements and I got shocked how the lockdown made it even worse: 117 KGs (while my comfortable weight is at 90), 143% body fat, 6% excess in water.

With little hesitation, I asked - is it really possible that EMS will get me back in shape, will help me to lose fat and get fit? The answer was yes and now I am on the journey to record how my body is changing and the lifestyle is changing along the way with it.

Important note: apart from being significantly overweight, I do have a count of bad habits: smoker, drinker, lazy and always-exhausted.

My sessions log

Session 1:

The first session started in a funny way, as I was trying to figure if I would actually fit in the provided suit. My trainer gave me an encouraging look, said it is very common to be nervous at your first session and she will do her best to ensure a smooth experience. That might have been a trick, but I felt for it and we started with a set of cardio exercises on a small massage-like experience with the EMS suit.

I was thinking - well, that is bearable and little ticklish, but I can definitely handle that! Just a few minutes later, the exercises became more and more difficult, as gradually the intensity of the suit pressure increased. Now my whole body was feeling the resistance like I am in a dream and trying to step up, but something is holding me back.

It is been only first 5 minutes since we started, but I could already feel my first sweat. On the 10th minute, I felt it was already going on for an hour at least (!), and the trainer kept encouraging me to do more and better. OK! I will! Can I just have a small break? The next 5 minutes made me realise how it is so easy to enjoy an unhealthy lifestyle, but how hard it is to come back into shape. Breath in - breath out.

My last 5 minutes absolutely showed me what it feels like to be an active person and what it means to "wake up the muscles". Hardly understanding where is left or right, I just sat down, took a minute to feel the body from tip to toe and said: "That was... an experience! Book me same time next week".

Future sessions logs are coming soon, please stay tuned!

Session 2:

Session 3:

Session 4:

Session 5:

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