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EMS Training is effective against sarcopenia for Seniors and Elderly

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Senior Citizens often lack sufficient physical exercise, leading to a reduction in Muscle Mass and an increase in Body Fat. This effect is aggravated by sarcopenia, the natural degradation of muscle tissue with age. In addition, bone density reduces with age, increasing the risk of damage to bones, especially in case of falls. Strength training is highly recommended to reduce the risk of injury and improve general health and well-being.

Unfortunately, only a minority (about 30%) of elderly people engages insufficient exercise to benefit from a positive effect on muscles and bones. As with increased age people often become limited in their movements, classical strength training with weights is often not ideal due to the high joint and cardiovascular loads. EMS Training is a great alternative, being a highly effective full-body workout which does not require high loads on joints, ligaments, spine etc., leading to a more energetic lifestyle even in advanced age.

The Study

A study by Wolfgang Kemmler, Rebecca Schliffka and Simon von Stengler of the University of Erlangen, Germany observed the effects of EMS training on older people (60-90 years old). Different test groups by gender, age and level of physical fitness were compared.

The Results

In all test groups, EMS training leads to significant improvements in Muscular Strength and Performance, increases in Muscle Mass and decreases in Bodyfat, superior to the results of conventional training.


EMS training is an effective way for Senior Citizens to counteract the deterioration of muscle tissue due to sarcopenia, increase muscular strength and performance as well as muscle mass and decrease Bodyfat in spite of physical limitations and without the risk of injuries inherent in conventional weight exercise.


Download study:

Impact of whole-body electromyostimulati
Download • 322KB

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