Forget about back pain with FitTech's EMS training

Back pain is the prime cause for lost working hours and the prime reason for people to retire prematurely. In addition to representing a huge cost to the economy, it is a serious problem affecting the well-being of a large majority of people. In fact, more than 75% of people experience back pain at some point in their life. According to a study conducted by HAMILTON in 2001, one reason for back pain is a dysfunction of the deep, small and short muscles of the spine which cannot easily be reached through conventional exercise. ​

The Study

A study by the University of Bayreuth, Germany observed 134 test subjects with back problems for 6 weeks performing EMS training sessions.

The Results

82% of participants experienced a significant reduction in back pain. 30% were completely pain-free after the 6 week period. In addition, participants had an increase in maximum strength of 12.2% and strength endurance increased by 69.3% While BMI stayed largely the same, body fat of participants reduced by 1.4%, indicating a conversion of fat into lean muscle tissue.


EMS training is an effective way to combat back pain. The increase in muscle mass is superior to the increase from conventional work out.

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