Injuries Free Workout: EMS study on back pain

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Especially untrained people trying to improve their health through physical exercise have a high risk of injuring themselves, especially when they are trying to achieve too much too fast. According to Associate Professor Brian Parr, PhD and Head Athletic Trainer Brandon Aiken at the University of South Carolina, some of the most common exercise injuries include:

- Strained back;

- Strained shoulder;

- Injuries to Anterior and Posterior Cruciate Ligaments;

- Runner's knee;

- Achilles Tendinitis;

- Pulled or torn hamstring.

EMS Training, by its very nature avoids the above injuries as no significant weight is put on joints, ligaments, tendons and the spine. In addition, each session is administered by a specialised EMS trainer

The Study

A study by the University of Bayreuth, Germany observed 134 test subjects with back problems for 6 weeks performing EMS training sessions.

The Results

82% of participants experienced a significant reduction in back pain. 30% were completely pain-free after the 6 week period. 76% saw improvement in incontinence and 33% were completely cured In addition participants had an increase in maximum strength of 12.2% and strength endurance increased by 69.3% While BMI stayed largely the same, body fat of participants reduced by 1.4%, indicating a conversion of fat into lean muscle tissue.


EMS training is a highly effective whole-body workout leading not only to improvements in strength comparable to or better than a conventional workout but also leading to improvements for people suffering from back pain and/or incontinence.


Download Study:

Download PDF • 124KB

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