Let's talk about Pain

An inactive office lifestyle causes many issues to your posture, health and well-being.

It starts with neck pain and heavy shoulders, develops into unbearable back pain, and can cause additional injuries on other muscles groups if not trained regularly.

Doctors recommend consistent diet and exercises to ensure all your muscles are awake and can balance out the negative effects of an inactive lifestyle.

The EMS training at FitTech Boutique looks even further. It trains all major muscle groups at the same time via a consistent and injury-free approach.

What is EMS-Training?

EMS (electric muscle stimulation or electric muscle stimulation) is a highly effective form of training. It utilizes low and mid-frequency electric currents to significantly increase the body’s natural muscle contractions. As a result, more muscle fibres are activated when compared to conventional training methods.

EMS-Training is a whole-body workout that promotes weight loss, increases physical strength, stimulates muscle growth, and relieves tensions and muscular imbalances. As a form of personal training, the workout can be adapted to numerous individual training goals. For example, EMS personal training has been shown to significantly reduce back pain. In some cases, EMS clients have even reported a total alleviation of their (chronic) back problems altogether. Due to the increase in both muscle tone and blood flow to neighbouring tissue, EMS may also have a beneficial impact on cellulite problems.

Imagine a training, which would be sufficient for only 20 minutes a week in contrast with 3 days at a regular gym. Forget about back and neck pain. With EMS @FITTECH you will experience the only right feeling of your muscles growth.

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