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Women Empowered by EMS (re: International Women's Day)

This International Women's Day we spoke to our Founder and EMS lifestyle ambassador Mirla Luz. We asked her why IWM is so important to celebrate and how EMS empowers her life and impacts our female clients.

Mirla Luz, Managing Director @FITTECH Boutique Singapore:

Happy International Women's Day, Ladies!
Today is the special day when we celebrate our strength and determination, and remind the world how much more work is ahead of us for an inclusive and equal society.
I want the world to remember that all women are superheroes 24/7/365 and that there is no limit to what we can accomplish!
I am also so happy and proud to see more and more women in our EMS training - they balance their family's commitments, careers and social life, while achieving big fitness and health goals through training in our studios, and let me tell you - they do it most gracefully!

We at FITTECH Boutique join in celebrating every woman not only today but every day!

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